Large Group Children Running Dandelion Spring

Kids nowadays spend too much time in virtual reality than in the real world. This means less physical activity and more sedentary lifestyles, which lead to complicated diseases.

Autism blocks

A recent study led by researchers from the School of Public Health at Jackson State University has come to some shocking conclusions about vaccinated children.

Holistic Healing

The storyline of a dementia diagnosis plays out the same way for families across the world. A loved one’s memory begins to worsen slowly, basic chores that require thought become increasingly difficult; they begin asking the same question over and over before you take them in for a CT to confirm the worst case scenario. The prognosis looks bleak…


An increasing number of children have been showing elevated signs of stress, restlessness, and anxiety starting at a very early age. We know meditation is a great tool to find peace and balance amid our hectic lives—that’s why we enjoy our practice. How do we get our kids to love meditation, too?